Grounded Small Groups

In the simplest terms, a Small Group is a gathering of three or more people who get together to study the Bible and pray.  But in reality, a Small Group is so much more.  Small Groups are a place where you can connect to other people.  A Small Group is where real fellowship and connection takes place.  It's a place where you can give and receive support and prayer.  It doesn't matter where you are in your walk of faith, everyone can use a little encouragement now and then.  Small Groups provide the opportunity for groups of people to share and explore their faith together in close and honest community, both spiritually and socially.  Small Groups are an essential part of spiritual growth and are the setting where true life-changing community can begin.

Grounded Groups

At The River we refer to our Small Groups as "Grounded Groups"Grounded Groups are a Small Group experience, which meet in various River Church member homes for a light dinner and discussion of Sunday's message.  They're a great way  to meet and get to know other members of The River Church in a casual, relaxed setting. 

As you develop close relationships and friendships with your Grounded Group members, you'll also discover that your life situations are not unique.  It helps to know that others are facing the same difficulties with family, work and life in general and your Grounded Group can provide  support in times of crisis, change and stress.  You'll have a sense of security and stability knowing that there are people who really care about you and are committed to standing with you.

Grounded Group Links

Grounded Groups are hosted 6-8 weeks at a time throughout the year.  When groups are in session, you will see them listed below.

Find A Group

Grounded @ Jones

(group for 20 somethings, meets Monday evening)

Grounded @ Accardo

(meets Monday evening)

Grounded @ Engen

(meets Monday evening)

Grounded @ Waddell

(meets Tuesday evening)

Grounded @ Komae

(meets Wednesday evening)

Grounded @ Pyke

(meets Wednesday evening)

Grounded @ Thille

(meets Wednesday evening)

Grounded @ Olson

(meets Thursday evening)

Grounded @ Negrinelli

(meets Thursday evening)

Grounded @ Sampras

(meets Thursday evening)