Baja Christmas 2016

The River collected presents for children in Ensenada and a small team took a day trip down to Baja to deliver the Christmas presents. 

"On our way in we stopped by the two houses we built this year. They did not know we were coming and were very emotional when they saw us driving onto their property.  We gave the kids of the house 2 new bikes and two presents.  They were incredulous that we had even remembered they existed, let alone that we were back to visit them and brought them presents. As thankful as they were that we provided them with a real house to live in, in that brief exchange I got the sense they were even grateful that we acknowledge their existence… and not just treat them as the objects of our charity.  Very humbling.

We then drove to the area where we built a house 3 years ago, in a community that we have been supporting ever since.  This is a beautiful barrio, with a real sense of community with people supporting each other and sharing life together.  This is where the 23 kids for whom you bought gifts for live." - Ernesto Ure