Sermons 2016

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Christmas Eve at The River

Christmas devotional by Todd Wendorff.

Bringing Back Jesus

I want to bring back Jesus. I want to know Him as the disciples knew Him. I want to talk to Him as the disciples did...

Emotionally Healthy People

A 6 part series on emotional and spiritual health.

Hume Lake Celebration 2016

A brief message from Todd at the all-beach service celebrating our students and leaders return from Hume Lake.

Living Well

This summer, we plan to look at the intriguing and challenging book of Ecclesiastes

Pain & Suffering

Pain and suffering is all around us. Some psychologist years ago from Orange County once said, “Touch any home and it bleeds.”

Easter 2016

From Hopelessness to Hopefulness

River Family Celebration

River Family Celebration

Romans - Living The Gospel

The letter to the Romans is the Apostle Paul’s quintessential presentation of who Jesus Christ is and how his life impacts all of history.

John 15

We can find an honest and open conversation between the early disciples and Jesus in John 15.

Igniting The Next Generation

The River Church is a family of families and is called to pass on faith and ignite the next generation.

As We Enter

As we enter into 2016 let us reflect upon the good and the not so good of 2015.