Sermons 2017


Jesus Makes All Things New

Stand alone message.

It's A Glorious Season!

It's a glorious season, and it's all about Christ's glory!

Unstoppable Forward Momentum: Holy Spirit Living

What on earth could possibly inspire a handful of Jesus followers to storm the first century cities and towns of the Roman Province of Syria

What I Learned This Summer: Confessions From A Pastors Life

Two-part series by Todd Wendorff.

Rascals, Renegades, and Radicals: The People God Puts to Work

God chooses all sorts of people to join him on mission. Read the Bible. It is full of all sorts of characters, whose flaws are put on full d

Will The Church Embrace All People

My natural inclination is to walk around, by, or even over certain kinds of people. I don't want to do that.

Romans: Loving Well In A Culture Of Pain And Hardship

How do Christians love well? How do we show the world what we truly believe, really believe, that God is love?

Living in The Shadow of The Cross

James and John pose a very sensible request to the man they are convinced is God’s miracle-working, truth-revealing, freedom-fighting agent on this earth.…

Joshua: Moving Forward With God

This 7 week series will challenge us to bring others along as we join with others, grow with others, and serve with others to bring God even more glory…