Sermons 2018


I Peter - Victory

I Peter is about living a victorious Christian life even in the midst of trials and suffering. Rather than being discouraged and sidelined b

Belonging Co

Since we rarely use the word abide anymore, we chose a different word to describe our relationship with God. A better word would be “Belong”

Easter Celebration


Pain, Presence, Comfort, Joy: Difficulties are an invitation into God's abundance

Pain rearranges our dreams. Pain causes us to be more myopic in nature because it causes us to zero in and focus on our problem.

Empowered: You're Doing Better Than You Think

Let’s get metaphorical: What if you’re seeing Van Gogh’s Starry Night in black and white? What if you’re listening to Beethoven’s Moonlight

Jan. 7 - A Great Command For A Great Generation... And The Next, And The Next

Stand alone message.